We require that your dog has proof of the Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus vaccines at check in. We reccomend your dog be current on Leptospirosis and Hepatitis as well, although these vaccines are not required. You can bring the vaccine paperwork with you, we can call your vet, or you can have your vet fax us the proof of the above mentioned vaccines. Our fax number is (913) 724-3701. We will not accept any dog to the spa or daycare without proof of current vaccines. Please make sure your regular yearly vaccines include the Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine.


All groom prices are a standard (starting point). All specialty cuts, hand scissor cuts and hair cuts with a long length (anything that uses a guard comb or hand scissoring) are subject to additional scissoring charges. It is $5 for each 15 minutes after the first hour.  We will do our best to quote accurate grooming charges at check in.  If we discover the charges will be significantly higher than the price that was originally quoted we will do our best to contact you before going farther. Please understand that we want your pet to look its best, so we will not rush through the grooming process. We pride our selves in our grooming abilities, hand scissor hair cuts, sculpting, specialty and show hair cuts  that take special skills and a lot more time than traditional or standard pet hair cuts.

Wagg'n Tails Day Spa prides itself on our limited muzzle use. Everybody's health and safety are top priorities. This is why we feel that if the safety or well being of your dog or the grooming stylist is at risk, a muzzle may be used (on appropriate breeds) and/or services may be refused.

If we find fleas or ticks on any pet while in our care, we will give him/her a flea and tick bath. Typically a flea and tick bath is an additional $5 charge on top of the regular grooming charges ($10 for multiple washes or for large furry dogs). We offer shampoos and conditioners that help soothe skin after the flea and tick bath that are also available for an additional charge. For some dogs that have a high tick infestation a $5-$10 charge may be added to pull off more than 10 ticks.

We ask that everyone drop their dog off at the time of their appointment or earlier. We keep a tight schedule to accommodate many different sizes and breeds of dogs each day. After being 15 minutes past the scheduled appointment time, it is the groomer's discretion to accept or refuse service. A $5 convenience fee may be added to your bill for every 15 minutes your dog is late. For this reason, we ask that if you are running behind, please call and let us know so we can make changes to our schedule if possible, or reschedule a new appointment for your dog.

We also ask that if you need to change an appointment or cancel you give us 24 hours notice so that we can fill your spot. A $20 charge may be added to your next visit if you cancel an appointment without giving 24 hours notice or for not making your scheduled appointment.

We do understand that emergencies arise and even the best planned schedules are often disrupted by unforeseen emergencies, however, we are kind, loving and respectful to your pets and we expect the same courtesy. We prefer to spend our time pampering your pets not enforcing policies, but we are running a business and therefore, we must make these policies available to all our customers.

We accept cash, checks (payable to Wagg'n Tails Day Spa), Visa, and Mastercard. Save $2 with cash and check payments.


Pets that are matted are subject to additional charges. Our primary concern will always be in the best interest, health, and safety of your pet. After the first 30 minutes of either attempting to demat your pet or shaving mats out of the coat there will be a $5 charge for each additional 15 minutes, as this takes more time to perform safely then the standard groom\grooming price.  Above all we believe in humanity before vanity.