Just A Bath
Our basic bath service is just like it sounds: a simple soothing and sudsy experience for those dogs that need a quick freshening up


Sudsy Soak Bath
Our delux bath package is a great option for those pooches who want that full spa experience without the haircut. This package includes:
A soothing bath
Relaxing massage
Full body brushing
Blow Dry
Nails trimmed
Ears plucked cleaned
External scent gland expression

Common price ranges for bathing packages are:

Boxer $27         Beagle $23    Border Collie $31    Dachshund $19-21    Golden Retriever $33              Jack Russel $21       Labrador $29    Mastiff $31


Just a Trim
The Just a Trim package is the full spa experience for those dogs who need just a trim around the potty areas, face and feet.

Wagg'n Tails Spa Session

Our namesake spa service is our full grooming spa package. This is for dogs that need not only a bath, but also extra pampering and a full haircut. These two packages include:

A soothing bath
Relaxing massage
Full body brushing
Full body blow Dry
Nails trimmed
Ears plucked and cleaned
External scent gland expression
(* Wagg'n Tails Spa Session includes full grooming to the owner's specifications)

Common price ranges for our grooming packages:

Bichon $39-$44  Chihuahua $34-$39  Cocker Spaniel $44-$49   Golden Retriever $49-$69   Poodle (toy/min) $34-$44    Schnauzer $34-$39    Shih Tzu $39-$44   Westie $34-$39    Yorkie $34-$39  Newfoundland $64-$89

**Prices subject to change. Dogs with matts or dogs that need extra brushing and/or scissoring will have additional charges.


We also offer the following:

Nail Trimming  $5*
*Free for all clients in between grooming visits

Nail Filing  $10

Nail Pawlish $5

Ear Plucking and Cleaning $5
Teeth Brushing  $10

Internal Scent Gland Expression $5

Shampoo Upgrades  $5
Upgraded shampoos include Oatmeal, Whitening, Blackening, Flea and Tick, Medicated, and Anti-matting

Conditioning Treatment $5
Conditioners we offer are Oatmeal, Kiwi, and Honey and Rosemary

Juicy Crittoure(c) Conditioner  $10

Blueberry Facial Treatment $5

Bow-wow Butter Balm for Cracked Pads and Noses $5-$15

30 Day Spot-on Flea Treatment $10

Brush, Scissor, De-matting
$5 for every 15 minutes